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What Clients Say

Ready Roofing & Renovation has worked for almost a year with Impact Ventures. Galib and his team are always accessible, knowledgable, and helpful in going after the results we desire. When changes are needed along they way, they are quick to suggest good alternatives and quickly implement them. Ready Roofing supports and recommends Impact Ventures!

-Jeff Thompson, Owner/Operator at Ready Roofing

What Clients Say

Galib, and Impact Ventures has been great to work with. They are very professional, delivered on their word and have supported our efforts in the fullest. He is always available to answer all our questions and take care of our needs. I highly recommend Galib and Impact Ventures for anyone wanting to expand their market reach and generate very ‘hot’ leads.

-Jason Venzara, Owner/Operator at Big Creek Roofing and Restoration

What Clients Say

We have been using the services of Impact Ventures since July 2015 to help us design programs and develop strategies to increase our share of the Roofing market in the Greater Toronto Area.To date we have seen a steady increase in both our total leads and our closing ratios.

They have helped us to focus on our core strengths and develop strategies based on those strengths.

We would highly recommend their services to other roofing companies looking to grow their business.
-Wayne P., President

What Clients Say

I recovered my initial marketing investment in less than 3 months. Now I am confident about what works and continue to invest monthly while seeing a growth in my customer base.
-Alex D., Business Owner

What Clients Say

We weren’t seeing the result we wanted with the previous marketing company we hired. Now we are getting 42% more phone calls easily track our growth in a predictable way.
-Goran, G., Business Owner

What Clients Say

With our limited budget for marketing, we are generating a 667% ROI every single month. We’re now looking to expand our business by offering new services.
-Sam S., Business Owner

What Clients Say

We slashed our cost per lead by 63% in just 6 months and we’re now considering moving all our advertising dollars online for a better return on investment.
-Gus G., President

What Clients Say

Compared to this time last year, we’re getting 570% more leads. We’ve had to hire new staff to handle the extra volume.
-Gurmukh S., Sales Director

What Clients Say

We have been working with Galib for the past few years. We are very impressed with his dedication to improving our business and success.

He promotes things that are in our best interest. His honesty and commitment are highly commendable. His ability to listen to the needs of our business and find ways to help us grow is what has given us confidence in his work. He shows true professionalism.

We look forward to continuing to work together.

Thank you

-Laura, Jay and Ali, Myshades Inc.

What Clients Say

We have worked with Galib Rayani from Impact Ventures since 2012 and highly recommend their services. Their innovation and experience has guided our brokerage from 86% retention to 94% with a consistent growth pattern during this time period. Impact has made us focus on providing client value with everything we do and measure every activity to monitor its value.

Not only has Galib provided exceptional service he has taken ownership of our business and every initiative we have completed. He has worked hard to understand the insurance business and has been a key sounding board for management.

We highly recommend Galib and Impact Ventures. If you are looking to move your business to the next level and deal with disruptors as a motivation to improve how you currently do business we recommend Impact’s services.

-Larry James, James~Campbell Insurance Brokers

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